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Share and Discover Music, TV and Movies in a new way

Google’s introduction of its latest version of Chrome OS with a new voice search feature alerted Facebook too. Facebook is about to launch a new, although an optional way of sharing what a Facebook user is listening to or watching via status updates. Google’s search update strikes a chord at marketers and consumers that it will

Is $19 billion Too Much for WhatsApp?

With a $19 billion investment, Facebook could have purchased a Technology Manufacturer, Fashion Brand or maybe four aircraft carriers.  Instead, Facebook bought WhatsApp, a bit sized startup that so far has only accumulated $60 million in funding mostly via Venture Capitalist “Sequoia Capital”.  Mark Zuckerberg seems crazy, is what you might say. But think about what exactly

10 Strategies necessary for Designing & Development of Amazing Business Websites [Infographic]

It’s Time to Start Thinking WITHOUT THE BOX about your Business Website and not just Out of the Box! Do you have a business website and is it working as it should be? Has it helped you to reach your real-client or business goals? Most people who come to us complain about not getting anything

Content Creation and Social Media Best Practice

With more people around the world getting online every day, social and digital marketing is becoming even more powerful. Social media in particular is playing rising role in digital achievement of any product and campaign. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn have evolved from local networks to global channels. Tapped into correctly, they