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Social Media & Out of Home Advertising in Pakistan

Out-of-home advertising a.k.a outdoor advertising is made up with more than 100 different advertising formats that reach the consumer out of home. Billboards, Posters, Sticker Graphics, building vinyl are all examples of such formats. With technology moving forward and improved large format digital displays availability, advertisers are shifting from traditional print and paper methods and are focusing

Digital marketing predictions for 2014

What does 2014 have in store? The digital team at Opus Communication (Digital Media Agency in Pakistan); give their views on the challenges and the opportunities that 2014 may bring in Pakistan. Content for people, not for the sake of it There are many brands creating lots of content at the moment. Unfortunately, whilst some

Content Creation and Social Media Best Practice

With more people around the world getting online every day, social and digital marketing is becoming even more powerful. Social media in particular is playing rising role in digital achievement of any product and campaign. Platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn have evolved from local networks to global channels. Tapped into correctly, they