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Importance of Websites for Marketing Purpose

Opus Communication provides services of Website Design & Development with latest technologies and features. A set of related pages typically served from a single web domain is known as Website. World has become a global village. Everyone is interacting each other through internet. Today’s marketing phenomena is to build audience through internet and television. Companies try

How to make your Website Efficient and Effective

We at Opus believe that following steps are important in making website efficient. Update your Website on regular basis. Now a day’s most of the websites are CMS (Content Management System) and it is easy for the user to update the content regularly. It takes time to update daily or weekly, but we can think

Importance of Backend Developer

Websites or web applications require two types of developers i.e. Front End Developer and Back-end Developer. We at Opus Communication believe that both developers play an important role in the development of a website. Difference between Back-end and Front end Suppose a website is a car. There are a lot of things inside a car that

10 Examples of Modal Window Pop Ups in Web Design

Opus Communication is providing the most successful business websites following the cutting-edge trends in web-design. This article highlights of Modal Window Pop Ups in Web Design. Creating emotional connection between your brand and website visitors is critically important. Modal pop up windows may help you in this challenging task as well as to share the

Mobile friendly- A new benchmark for SEO

Opus has seen a lot of queries regarding people coming and asking why is it that their website links are not showing in the Google search engine? Opus Communication thought to enlighten the people regarding Google new SEO policy which has affected many companies in Pakistan as mobile users market has become quite significant over