Social Media

Facebook welcomes transgender

Facebook always pushes users to reveal their true identities, and on Thursday, they took that commitment to a next level. The social network now allows facebook users to select a “custom gender” for their profiles, meaning users who do not identify as male or female can select a neutral gender identity. Until Thursday, facebook users could

Facebook Makes Employees More Productive – Study

Not allowed to check your Facebook from your desk? Share this infographic with your boss it might work! Dear Boss, Why so serious? Face it: Employees are on social networks and browsing the internet in your office. Today when social tools saturate every aspect of our daily lives, the debate over allowing them to take

Think again…Social Media, a Time Suck?

While social media can be a time-suck, it’s not all bad news. Rather, according to Mian Adnan Wajid (Opus Communication Pakistan), social media expert : Excite Customers, Generate Buzz and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media and all those hours plugged into your phone, Tab and computer may have some benefits after

4 Tips to Improve Social Media Presence in 2014

Do you feel you are falling behind in your businesses’ social media presence? Are you concerned about what it takes to participate in social networking? Congrats you are not alone!! Social media is somewhat complex, sophisticated, and ever changing. The amount of information out there on the internet regarding “how to do social media” is

Social Media & Out of Home Advertising in Pakistan

Out-of-home advertising a.k.a outdoor advertising is made up with more than 100 different advertising formats that reach the consumer out of home. Billboards, Posters, Sticker Graphics, building vinyl are all examples of such formats. With technology moving forward and improved large format digital displays availability, advertisers are shifting from traditional print and paper methods and are focusing