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Facebook Engagement & Likes Growth Strategy

In the last couple of months Facebook has undergone many changes in terms of generating business on Fan pages. Companies have actually started to drop Facebook marketing out of their digital marketing strategies. However, in Pakistan the game has just begun! Companies are investing enormous budgets on Facebook marketing. Many a times it happens that

Whatsapp Voice Calls Feature to be Released Later This Year

WhatsApp Messenger a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS, recently bought by Facebook for $19 Billion, announced it is adding the Voice Call Feature later this year. Jan Koum, CEO at WhatsApp revealed that they plan compete with Whatsapp’s current counterparts and global mobile phone

All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

At Opus Communication we believe in Sharing Information which most people in the Digital Marketing industry in Pakistan don’t do. This article we help you understand the Graphic Dimensions of Facebook. Please feel free to contact us or share this article if you believe it is worth sharing cheers 🙂 What is the size of the Timeline Cover

Is $19 billion Too Much for WhatsApp?

With a $19 billion investment, Facebook could have purchased a Technology Manufacturer, Fashion Brand or maybe four aircraft carriers.  Instead, Facebook bought WhatsApp, a bit sized startup that so far has only accumulated $60 million in funding mostly via Venture Capitalist “Sequoia Capital”.  Mark Zuckerberg seems crazy, is what you might say. But think about what exactly

Facebook comments VERUS Facebook likes

Every product and service goes through changes every now and then. And this very feature of not staying constant is the proof of its success. Facebook has gone through countless changes ever since its conception in 2004. When it was conceived ten years ago, it had nothing to do with advertising. But over the years