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Why to use Facebook for Marketing?

Digital Media experts at Opus Communication give the title of reigning champion of social media sites to Facebook. Gone is the time when Facebook was only used for personal communication. Today its horizon has expanded to a massive level. It has become a commercial platform for all sorts of business. Facebook has grown into a

What type of a Facebooker Are You?

Being social media consultants the team at Opus Communication keeps a keen eye on changing and existing trends on various Social Media platforms.  While the trends and interfaces change every now and then, one aspect always remains consistent i.e. traits of Facebookers. Heard about Life of a pie? Well now hear about Life of an

Advantages of Being Active on Linkedin

When a business owner and brand managers come to Opus looking for advice regarding social media, it’s usually about Facebook. Everyone wants to be on Facebook, why is our question.  Read this article below to know what Pakistan’s leading Digital Agency’s business strategists and digital marketers have to say about LinkedIn. 1. B2B and B2C

Best Way to Use Facebook As a Marketing Tool

All the social media marketers get ready as Opus Communication will give you some easy and quick information on Facebook! People are more likely to visit your Facebook page rather than your official website, since Facebook is more engaging for consumers. But successful marketing on Facebook does not happen over night or instantly. For businesses

Recent Facebook Marketing Trends that you Should Know

Opus communication aims at establishing strong links between social media marketers with their target audience. That is the reason we keep on updating our readers with latest innovations and trends in this field according to social media experts at opus communication the nature of social media marketing is ever-changing, so it’s important to constantly stay