Social Media

Instagram the visual booster of 2014

Instagram has been growing immensely from the past one year, where in 2013 Instagram was growing slowly in 2014 there has been a boost in its usage and acceptance as Brands and Companies have realized the true potential of the platform and have integrated it into their digital strategy. We at Opus Communications strongly believe

What is your Digital Strategy: Twitter or Facebook?

We at Opus Communication keep an in-depth look into the Digital world, what new trends are coming up, which social media network is gaining user share etc. In Pakistan’s Social Media industry, Twitter is the new comer, the young and innovative platform, but is Facebook ready to retire yet? Facebook is almost ten years old

Pinterest Is the Next Big Thing after Facebook

We at Opus Communication strongly believe that Facebook is now being exhaustive in terms of reaching the audience via digital social media network, which is why we believe that Pinterest inevitably is the next big thing after Facebook, which the marketers will soon realize and will shift towards this medium more aggressively in no time. Pictorial

Twitter Takes A Gigantic Move To Save Itself

Opus communication loves everything digital! And we feel immense pleasure in spreading breaking news about digital happenings across the globe! So the latest news is that, Twitter maybe purchasing the most famous online audio distribution platform- SoundCloud!  Soundcloud which is based in Berlin, Germany has enabled its users to upload, record, promote and share their

5 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Guys, we all us Instagram on personal front but have you ever tried using it for your business? Let Opus Communication help you understand how Instagram can prove to be a fundamental tool in marketing your business. You may think it’s a great idea for your business to jump on the Instagram bandwagon but aren’t