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World Cup 2014 – One Billion Interactions

One Billion. Is the amount of World Cup-related likes, comments and posts Two Hundred & Facebook users have made in the course of engagement/conversation between June 12, 2014 and June 29, 2014. Engagement on Facebook about the knockout matches over the weekend pushed the overall interactions number over the 1 billion mark. Facebook generally sees

Promoted Posts are getting more expensive in terms of Paid reach on Facebook

It’s been a challenging Quarter around for Digital Marketers and Media Buyers at Opus Communication in terms of giving results to our clients, but so far satisfied them all. Most of the people in the Digital Marketing Industry especially Page Admins have known for quite a while, Facebook’s organic reach is becoming more hard to pin down.

Why am I seeing this ad: Facebook will give you reasons for the Ads on your Desktop, newsfeed and mobile newsfeed

Facebook is now addressing the most asked question at Opus Communication about targeted advertising with a new feature that tells you why the company is displaying the ads you’re seeing. There have also included a mechanism to opt out of such targeting. Facebook in 2012 introduced their ads publisher which was served up based on


Your favorite Social Media watchdog, Opus Communication has something fascinating to share ! Guess which notorious intelligence company has joined Facebook & twitter? It is none other than the ICI ! According to grapevine, the CIA has existed on social media ever since the latter’s conception to uncover global trends and track evil-doers. But it

Share and Discover Music, TV and Movies in a new way

Google’s introduction of its latest version of Chrome OS with a new voice search feature alerted Facebook too. Facebook is about to launch a new, although an optional way of sharing what a Facebook user is listening to or watching via status updates. Google’s search update strikes a chord at marketers and consumers that it will