Social Media

A Social life on Social Network

Have you ever realized how our way of communication has transformed over the period of time? We at Opus Communication would like to give some highlights on how we have created our social life on social networks. Long before the up rise of the digital media, we have communicated through newspapers, TV ads, telephones and

Opus’s guide to facebook posting

Hi guys! The social media experts at Opus Communication believe all the tools of marketing demand proper planning. Be it traditional marketing or digital marketing, it all requires a strategic plan! Opus communication firmly believes, that even today, Facebook is the strongest social media tool for marketing. But there are certain tricks by which you

Social Media Playing Big in Politics

Social media is the largest department in Opus Communication catering clients from all platforms around the world. Opus has kept several businesses and campaigns alive through social media services. We have served the clients from Food industry to Fashion, Housing, Institution, Entertainment, Brands to Corporate industries. You name it and we have done it. Social

Social media is the future for advertising your business

Over the period of time, Social Media has made its mark in the battle of advertising. Opus believes that now social media has become an important driver for advertising and sending your message to the masses. The awareness of the brand and reach in the market with low cost has given it a special boast

Facebook, a monster of popularity

With online networking monster Myspace waiting to pounce, how could anything like Facebook turn out to be so prominent so quick? We at Opus Communication believe that it appeared to be as if everybody and their canine was on Myspace only a couple of years prior. So in short, Facebook had a superior showcasing arrangement.