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Top Digital Trends & Predictions for 2014

As we have entered the year 2014, Marketers and Digital Strategists in Pakistan and Worldwide are asking themselves one question: What will 2014 bring about for the digital marketing industry? Soap has come up with 14 digital trend & predictions for the year. This presentation above covers topics like Instagram, BitCoins, Short URLs, Content Marketing,

How instagram is going to be the dominant Social Media in 2014

Instagram has gone from a selfie platform to a storytelling platform quickly. It’s quickly demanding the social media trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn throughout photo sharing in a mobile world. Instagram gives brands an chance to tell their story through visuals. From the time we’re children, visuals have played a major role in our

How to Grow Email Subscribers in Pakistan

If you could start with only a single section of data about a client, you’d probably choose their email address because this channel is direct, easily assessable, and can be without delay activated. For this cause, consider email the bedrock audience, because it’s so introductory to your overall marketing. Email has come a long way