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Importance Of Social Media Marketing

It does not matter what you are selling or what you are buying because now social media has changed the marketing trend for business owners and for buyers.  Social media as an advertising and marketing tool can assist you to grow your brand & pad your wallet. Now these social media websites have changed the

Instagram Marketing

Opus Communication is all about social media marketing. As the world is being more and more advanced so it’s better to go with the advanced technology. It provides benefit to both the market and the buyers. The global market has become a giant and instagram is one of the most advanced mediums of social media

How to Go Viral Through Social Media?

Opus Communication team has the best professionals from marketing and media buying departments who know how to make your content go viral on social media. If your company’s articles, blogs, videos, interactive games, podcasts, or info-graphics happen to “go viral,” it can mean thousands of new visitors to your website and a corresponding increase in

Facebook is making a ‘Dislike’ button or something like it

We at Opus Communication keep an in-depth look into the Social Media World, what new trends are coming up, which social media network is gaining user share etc. People have asked whether Facebook would make a “Dislike” button for years, and for years Facebook has said that it wouldn’t. It’s kind of obvious why this cycle happens:

A Social life on Social Network

Have you ever realized how our way of communication has transformed over the period of time? We at Opus Communication would like to give some highlights on how we have created our social life on social networks. Long before the up rise of the digital media, we have communicated through newspapers, TV ads, telephones and