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Meet Saher Mansoor- a Dubai based instagrammer connecting Pakistan with the global community through her creative content.

Opus in collaboration with Media Beast has launched an “influencers campaign” in which we interviewed some hard working influencers and bloggers who are using their platform to spread out positivity and influencing communities around the globe. We asked Saher Mansoor (running an Instagram account @saher.i.mansoor , the famous Momistadubai) a few questions regarding her experience

How Web Design Trends will Change in 2014

You may be eager to learn what kind of trends are up-and-coming in the web design world. What most people aren’t talking about, but should be, are the types of design trends that are on their way out, which ones should be left out and those that are improbable to be seen again. Here are a number

How to Boost Your Creativity

All artistic professionals face creative blocks. Many times these blocks are caused by being overworked and burned out on creativity. Sometimes routine helps, but it can frequently hinder the brain juices. After all, selection is the spice of life. As a creative professional there are absolutely some related fields to your occupation. Being a graphic