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Meet Saher Mansoor- a Dubai based instagrammer connecting Pakistan with the global community through her creative content.

Opus in collaboration with Media Beast has launched an “influencers campaign” in which we interviewed some hard working influencers and bloggers who are using their platform to spread out positivity and influencing communities around the globe. We asked Saher Mansoor (running an Instagram account @saher.i.mansoor , the famous Momistadubai) a few questions regarding her experience

Lifestyle Digital Marketing – What It Means and How to Do It

Close your eyes and think of your favorite brand. Maybe it’s that company that’s inspired you since you were a kid. Or maybe it is that makeup brand that you have purchased religiously since school. Chances are if you thought of a brand you’re attached to; it took lifestyle marketing to get you there and

Optimizing Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint

If we have said it once, we have said it a million times, brands today must go beyond traditional thinking and at the top of this out-of-bounds thinking requirement is optimizing the client experience. At every touchpoint, at every purchase, click and every moment of your brand’s existence. So, what exactly is a touchpoint? A


Following the latest population containment measures to stem the spread of the corona virus, many companies are now running slowly. As the climate of uncertainty, we are facing is uncomfortable, we offer you some tips to continue optimizing the SEO of your website. You will then be more than ever ready to restart in the

How to revive your sales and marketing after the Covid-19 crisis?

Keep in touch with your customers…..! Even if your business was at a standstill, it is essential to continue to communicate with your customers for several reasons: To reassure them that your company is ready for future projects. Listening to your customers’ needs to better meet their expectations. Restoring consumer confidence, highlighting the company’s values.