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Twitter Rolls Out With Two New Features

Opus Communication believes in change, as without change you can never have creativity or innovation. So change is vital when it comes to challenging the obvious and deriving something extraordinary from the ordinary. Twitter enrolls with two new features that encourage the public figures and other users to interact with one another on the platform.

Social Network website offering profit!

Social Networking website provide us with fun, excitement and knowledge. They have never provided its users any direct monetary gain. Well, this was a passé! A new social network claims its goal is sharing among its users- including the profits! Bubblews is about to launch a new platform, which aims to bring together people by

Passion for Work

We at Opus Communication believe in hard work, commitment and dedication. We make sure that our employees are comfortable in what they do, and love the way they do it. May be this is one of the reasons why we are successful today. Work is not a necessity anymore; it has become a passion for

#ShareaCoke Campaign Hits Pakistan’s Social Media Big Time

Opus Communications is glad to be the first digital agency to bring the COKE campaigns Digital Hit into limelight. We believe in being the best at serving news to our readers, let it be anything and about anyone. With the world congregating to the digital legroom, the way we bond has started to modify, and,

Fine Gardening

Gardening has different connotation to different people. Some perceive it as a leisure pursuit; some see it as a relaxant. And for such people the food produced is nearly less important. Nurturing fresh and organic vegetables, herbs, or fruits have become necessary for such people as the fruits and items available in the market are