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What type of a Facebooker Are You?

Being social media consultants the team at Opus Communication keeps a keen eye on changing and existing trends on various Social Media platforms.  While the trends and interfaces change every now and then, one aspect always remains consistent i.e. traits of Facebookers. Heard about Life of a pie? Well now hear about Life of an

Recent Facebook Marketing Trends that you Should Know

Opus communication aims at establishing strong links between social media marketers with their target audience. That is the reason we keep on updating our readers with latest innovations and trends in this field according to social media experts at opus communication the nature of social media marketing is ever-changing, so it’s important to constantly stay

Facebook comments VERUS Facebook likes

Every product and service goes through changes every now and then. And this very feature of not staying constant is the proof of its success. Facebook has gone through countless changes ever since its conception in 2004. When it was conceived ten years ago, it had nothing to do with advertising. But over the years