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Advantages of Being Active on Linkedin

When a business owner and brand managers come to Opus looking for advice regarding social media, it’s usually about Facebook. Everyone wants to be on Facebook, why is our question.  Read this article below to know what Pakistan’s leading Digital Agency’s business strategists and digital marketers have to say about LinkedIn. 1. B2B and B2C

Facebook Engagement & Likes Growth Strategy

In the last couple of months Facebook has undergone many changes in terms of generating business on Fan pages. Companies have actually started to drop Facebook marketing out of their digital marketing strategies. However, in Pakistan the game has just begun! Companies are investing enormous budgets on Facebook marketing. Many a times it happens that

What Fashion E-Commerce Website owners are doing wrong in Pakistan

While Pakistan’s Fashion e-commerce websites are using standard SEO practices. Our content and SEO experts at Opus a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan have come up with some essential tactics for fashion sites which can take them a step ahead of their competitors. Site Structure of Fashion E-Commerce Site Content Structure & Architecture not only

Is $19 billion Too Much for WhatsApp?

With a $19 billion investment, Facebook could have purchased a Technology Manufacturer, Fashion Brand or maybe four aircraft carriers.  Instead, Facebook bought WhatsApp, a bit sized startup that so far has only accumulated $60 million in funding mostly via Venture Capitalist “Sequoia Capital”.  Mark Zuckerberg seems crazy, is what you might say. But think about what exactly

Banks Facing Competitive Threats From New Entrants

Apple took only five years to become America’s largest music retailer, and seven to become the world’s largest. In eighteen short months, Google erased 85% of the Market capitalization of the top GPS companies by launching its mobile app Google Maps. Alibaba, Chinese look alike of Amazon, became a $16 billion lender in less than three years,