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What is SEO?

Opus Communication helps you build your brand on the digital platform. But our job does not just ends there. We believe in educating our fans and clients about various digital trends! So, today we will talk about SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimization. Did you know Google displays sites it believes are authoritative and

What is your Digital Strategy: Twitter or Facebook?

We at Opus Communication keep an in-depth look into the Digital world, what new trends are coming up, which social media network is gaining user share etc. In Pakistan’s Social Media industry, Twitter is the new comer, the young and innovative platform, but is Facebook ready to retire yet? Facebook is almost ten years old

5 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business

Guys, we all us Instagram on personal front but have you ever tried using it for your business? Let Opus Communication help you understand how Instagram can prove to be a fundamental tool in marketing your business. You may think it’s a great idea for your business to jump on the Instagram bandwagon but aren’t

Why to use Facebook for Marketing?

Digital Media experts at Opus Communication give the title of reigning champion of social media sites to Facebook. Gone is the time when Facebook was only used for personal communication. Today its horizon has expanded to a massive level. It has become a commercial platform for all sorts of business. Facebook has grown into a

Pakistan Welcomes 3G and 4G Technology

We at Opus Communications support every Industry that makes a mark of its Presence in this world in terms of success and Breakthrough working methodology. We welcome all the Telco Companies who not only struggled but managed to acquire distinguished positions in the Industry against one another by acquire the license to a Breakthrough technology