MEET AYESHA AZEEM aka CANADIANPARDESI- Connecting Pakistan with the global community using her platform.

During our influencers campaign, we approached the beloved influencer “Ayesha Azeem”. She is a Canada based blogger who balances different aspects of her life perfectly including work, blogging and being a super mom.

Being a business consultant, she doesn’t only use her platform to create a positive impact by talking about her personal experiences but she also helps small businesses and individuals in growing their business.

We asked her some questions related to her experiences and struggles she faced during her social media influencer journey. We loved her responses; as shared below. Give it a read.

How would you briefly define your experience as an influencer so far? Share your journey with us.

It’s been 1.5 year since i made my Instagram public and it has been a great journey so far .i wouldn’t consider myself big but i love the active community this space has become.

What/who became your inspiration for blogging?

I started writing because it was my passion. 9 to 5 corporate job for 10 years never let me do that when i was in Pakistan. So i started writing when i moved here with tips for newcomers to Canada.

As an influencer, what do you consider your strength?

“Keeping it REAL” is my strength. my people like to hang out at canadianpardesi community because I share raw side of my life and not trying to curate a perfect feed or perfect life. I share my struggles as a mom, as an entrepreneur, as an immigrant as it is which has helped many people resonate with me.

How do you perceive your impact on your audience? (Nationwide or globally)

I consider it’s great because the messages i get sharing how i made their day or how they find it relatable …makes my day. To be true it’s not about numbers.. If one person gets an inspiration or learn from content i create my job is done.

How difficult is it to generate unique content?

In the digital world we live in everyone has access to creation of content and there is so much content out there and sometimes you are in self-doubt if someone is reading your content and then you come across a message from a silent follower how your content or piece of post helped them…  To cut it short it’s difficult but you can overcome it if you create content by keeping your audience in mind and how you want to do value addition in their life with what you are sharing.

Do you face plagiarism issue in content?

Yes, because it’s an open platform and you don’t know who might be copying your content and posting it unless you come across that. There are people who take inspiration, give due credits and build their own credibility. But then there are people who would just plagiarize without feeling bad too.

For successful lifestyle blogging, what aspects should be considered?

I would say storytelling is very important in terms of Caption or images no matter what your Niche is. Make products as part of your life style, share as you use, review as per your personal experience and connect with audience.

What do you keep in mind while creating something? Your audience or you just do what you like?

Audience. I do polls every now n then to hear what people want to see in my stories or posts. It has to be what they like because giving them a flavor of what I want is not the right approach I think.

Which platform do you prefer more for public interaction based on your audience?

Instagram .

Do fellow bloggers support each other in growing?

Yes they do. The local network of content creators here have been a great support. Even virtually I have become friends with many content creators and they are there for support even I haven’t met them.

How do you handle negativity on social media?

You need to have a thick skin when you go public. I believe that muting people whose stories give you negative vibe is important but also being kind and not spreading negativity is basic. In terms of cyber bullying I say its very important to be KIND, no matter if you are a follower or  a content creator.

How do you react to the judgmental and negative followers?

I usually ignore but if its an issue that needs to be addressed i come on stories and talk about it.

How has this abusive and in tolerant culture been developed on social media? How does it affect your content creation?

Keyboard warriors is the term i use for this culture where everyone can write what they want because they have easy access. Its important to understand that being public doesn’t mean they sign up for hate comments. 

Lifestyle blogging covers many topics, which particular topic do you love posting about?

I like sharing about motherhood struggles, immigrant lifestyle, tips for gram growth and my entrepreneur journey.

Your platform includes audience from different cultural backgrounds and regions, how do you manage to keep your content relatable for your audience?

By asking them interactive questions in stories and polls each month.

How important it is for influencers to generate relevant content?

VERYYYYY IMPORTANT.  It’s more about value addition then just pictures in the moment.

Do you consider number of followers important for a successful blog?

No i don’t think. Active community is the success

Any advice or suggestion for upcoming bloggers and influences:

Be KIND and Consistent! Grow your empire on your website and take Instagram as a medium not the only medium.


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