Meet Saher Mansoor- a Dubai based instagrammer connecting Pakistan with the global community through her creative content.

Opus in collaboration with Media Beast has launched an “influencers campaign” in which we interviewed some hard working influencers and bloggers who are using their platform to spread out positivity and influencing communities around the globe.

We asked Saher Mansoor (running an Instagram account @saher.i.mansoor , the famous Momistadubai) a few questions regarding her experience and struggles as a radiant influencer. She is a Dubai based blogger sharing her life experiences with the world so that people can relate and have a positive impact from it.  She helps small businesses and initiating a charity drive as well to help needy people using her social media influence.

some interesting responses to the questions as shared below.

How would you briefly define your experience as an influencer so far? Share your journey with us.  

It’s been a beautiful experience with some bumps and hurdles but overall an amazing experience. it’s a journey from when i started to “MAKE MY SPACE” into the blogging world to “CREATE MY OWN SPACE” it’s been a great journey exploring myself and improving myself. Blogging helped me know my strength and passion for writing.

What/who became your inspiration for blogging?

I found many inspiring ladies when I entered the blogging world. To be honest, no one inspired me to start blogging, but a friend of mine Qudsia, a fashion blogger from Pakistan encouraged me a lot to go out and express myself. it was just one random day I decided to go public and share my day routine. With time it became part of my life and met so many inspiring ladies along the way.

As an influencer, what do you consider your strength?

My voice, my captions and my followers. My voice is nothing if I don’t have people who listen and take my word forward.

How do you perceive your impact on your audience? (Nationwide or globally)

If nothing big, I am sure I do bring smiles to many faces each day. I am very proud of this. I do feel I am able to cheer up and uplift others when they are feeling down and low. I can do this all day. i think being able to have that impact on someone’s life is a big deal. i love to hear when people say they come to my page and leave smiling. Job done. Win-win

How difficult is it to generate unique content?

For me it’s spontaneous. It always comes naturally to me. My content is always around events in my life, it’s usually around my feeling and emotions and moods. I just write it into words and people relate to the captions.


Do you face plagiarism issue in content?

its an open space, and being out in the public means your work, captions and ideas are all accessible to everyone. i do know people who copy my idea and create content around my captions or actions, but i believe.. original will always be original. its unethical to copy anyone’s work. its their hard work, their time and efforts. i have read captions on pages which are ditto copy paste from online articles. i just feel its VERY wrong to call someone’s else work as yours. one must give credits if they have taken inspiration or copied someone’s work.

For successful lifestyle blogging, what aspects should be considered?

Be real. Connect with your followers. Be authentic and true to yourself. be aware about the current issues. Educate yourself before putting anything out to the public. Always do your homework. Make your page a happy space for your audience

What do you keep in mind while creating something? Your audience or you just do what you like?

Both, I create it for my audience so I do take care of their likes and dislikes. But if its something close to my heart, I share it anyways. i use my platform also to express my feelings. so at times its just unwanted or unwelcomed caption which no one asks for, but helps me feel better when i put it out in words.

Which platform do you prefer more for public interaction based on your audience?


Do fellow bloggers support each other in growing?

Now Yes. Initially it was hard to become part of this community but once they know about you, they are all very supportive.

How do you handle negativity on social media?

I address it. I talk about it. I expose the hater. Because if I ignore or stay quite. It means I am giving them indication to continue. Ignoring is not always a solution. Speak up

How do you react to the judgmental and negative followers?

If i have time I explain. And if I feel the person won’t understand. I don’t waste my time and energy as i used to. Now, I send back a heart and say “you are very kind “.Simple. Answer is always love no matter what the question is.

How has this abusive and in tolerant culture been developed on social media? How does it affect your content creation?

It developed and grew coz people chose to ignore and let go. No reaction is usually making the trolls stronger. One bad comment ruins my day. no matter how much i ignore it. its at the back of my head. it affects my work and mood. We are also human beings and have a heart that feels. people need to be a bit more sensitive.

Lifestyle blogging covers many topics, which particular topic do you love posting about?

Parenting, food recipes, about me and family oriented content. That’s what my life is about. My role, my passion, my responsibilities

Your platform includes audience from different cultural backgrounds and regions, how do you manage to keep your content relatable for your audience?

I just deliver and hope and pray that like minded people get attracted to my content. I cannot cater to everyone’s need. I can share what I am.good and confident about.

How important it is for influencers to generate relevant content?

Very important. Coz only then it looks like your own work. Now if I post about astronomy.. my followers will not believe its me..they know who I am and hence I create content that’s relevant to me.

Do you consider number of followers are important for a successful blog?

Yes it is. It shows the strength of the blog. However it doe not define if the blog is good or excellent.

Any advice or suggestion for upcoming bloggers and influences:

Follow your passion. Don’t buy followers. Don’t join engagement pods or shout-out pods. Build your page and relationships with your REAL followers. They will always support you and their support is bigger and better than a group of 5 -6 people. Trust your followers. Engage with them. Help them. Educate them. They will return your love with so much support that you’ll go places.


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