If You Are Digitally Present Then You Are Physically Present

If You Are Digitally Present Then You Are Physically Present

With the advancement in the technology, people around the world are getting more informed about the brands and products. Opus would like to simplify things about why you need to be digitally present. The decrease in the communication gap due to the evolution of internet has created a new field of marketing ‘Digital Marketing’ apart from ATL and BTL.

Around 30 million internet users are surfing in Pakistan out of which 15 million are browse the web with their mobile. With the passage of time it has deepen its root within Pakistani Online Users through different medium like laptops, mobile, tablets and desktop. Imagine how frequently these surfers use the internet to search something about the product, services or news. If an average person spends 2 hrs on internet surfing daily. It will round up to around 60 million hours of internet usage.

From a marketing perspective, it has created a new field that is economical and effective. Using different tools like social media, Google Ads, rich media, email marketing and SEO. The marketers can now advertise their product more resourcefully. Socializing your brand with the audience and generating traffic on website helps companies in building a strong relation with the consumers, increasing your audience through advertising and word of mouth and update your customers about the latest deals and offer. It is effective as it provides a two way communication which helps companies in improving their product or services. Not only this, people can also interact with each other and provide information regarding any subject.

Looking at the big picture, imagine the benefits that you are getting through digital media.

  • Advertising your brand to your target market
  • Communicating with your audience
  • Getting feedback about your product/ services
  • Increasing your presence in the market through User sharing and word of Mouth
  • Update your customers about the products, services and deals

Its more than 30 million users, if you incorporate the virality of your brand by the people to their friends, family member and colleagues through offline channels.

Why Digital is Important

A continuous advertising of your brand will help the people in recalling your brand. What will you do if you want to know about a company or a good food place? You will either search it on Google or Facebook. Now imagine if it’s your company that he was seeing for the last few weeks. Who is he going to remember? The company/ food place that he visited last year or the one that he has been constantly seeing for the last few weeks. The obvious answer would be what he was seeing for the last few weeks which help him in making the decision to go to that company/ food place.

Imagine, if you have no digital presence where would you be? There is no location of your company, no details on digital platform, only the people who are passing nearby are going to know about your company but still it’s not enough because they don’t know the details of your company or services that you offer. Obviously it is going to affect your sales as you are forgoing a major part of your advertising. With proper content, visual and strategy you can not only increase your sales but also retain your customers. If a company is advertising heavily on digital media, this means that their digital presence is strong and more people will know about their company and more likely to use their services. This would have never happened if they were not digitally present because people now a days are more likely to search for a company/ brand/ services on digital media first.