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Creativity in Digital Marketing

I think creative content is the base of advanced pieces that depicts beautiful design and go far beyond static copy both outwardly and functionality. It’s this picture of “creativity” that I for one feel is restricting our inventive practices. As much as we all appreciate dealing with these outwardly imaginative pieces, this is not what

How to make your Website Efficient and Effective

We at Opus believe that following steps are important in making website efficient. Update your Website on regular basis. Now a day’s most of the websites are CMS (Content Management System) and it is easy for the user to update the content regularly. It takes time to update daily or weekly, but we can think

It’s not easy to educate potential clients on digital marketing

We at Opus Communication believe that any seasoned marketer knows that the digital marketing industry is constantly going through a state of change; it was only a few months ago that Google released the Pigeon update, for example. It’s the sort of stuff that we, as marketers, are supposed to know. Every Google algorithmic update,