How to Go Viral Through Social Media?


Opus Communication team has the best professionals from marketing and media buying departments who know how to make your content go viral on social media. If your company’s articles, blogs, videos, interactive games, podcasts, or info-graphics happen to “go viral,” it can mean thousands of new visitors to your website and a corresponding increase in sales. People love sharing items that are funny, emotional, or opinionated. Not every piece of content can be a hit sensation, but creating share-worthy content is easier than you may think.

Google has started focusing more on social media as a determinant in how high your site shows up in the search results.YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google and it can be extremely effective as a marketing tool as long as you think of it as a search engine and not just a place to host videos. Here are some effective tips to go viral on social media;

  1. Do it better. Look for content that has performed well in your industry.
  2. Use social bookmarks. Social bookmarking sites help you gain a large audience quick.
  3. Share content that projects how people want others to see themselves. It sounds complicated, but it’s an undeniable fact that people post on social media as an extension of their personalities. That’s why people love quotes, funny memes, political cartoons, and satirical videos. They want to project their sense of humor, their values, or their interests. Some of the best social posts are ones that ask fans to share photos or stories about how they use the product.
  4. Target a niche. It seems logical to think that the broader your appeal, the more people you’ll have sharing your content.
  5. Whenever possible, SHOW, don’t TELL. For example, “We have the most powerful blenders in the world — so powerful, in fact, that they could easily shred an iPad!” But it all just sounds like a boring old ad, doesn’t it? When they released a video showing the destruction, audiences reveled in the spectacle — and shared readily! Is it any wonder sales went up 700 percent? A short, well-executed video is the preferred medium for many web users who devour content on a regular basis.
  6. Use tools to make content easier. We could write a novel on tools for viral-worthy content, but here are a few tips. Everyone loves a good quote, especially if it’s accompanied by a visually stunning photo that looks pretty on the page.
  7. Give it some serious thought. Is “going viral” by getting shares and likes really enough? Or do you want more? Perhaps your company wants to build SEO links, increase social media engagement, increase newsletter sign-ups, or boost sales.


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