A Social life on Social Network


Have you ever realized how our way of communication has transformed over the period of time?

We at Opus Communication would like to give some highlights on how we have created our social life on social networks.

Long before the up rise of the digital media, we have communicated through newspapers, TV ads, telephones and many other traditional methods. With the passage of time we have transformed, reshaped and created a better version of ourselves through different mediums.

The rise of social media, where we can create our profile and add interests that we like had helps us in creating a profile that we want to show it to the world. This helps other people in understanding what type of a person you are and what level of intellect you have or from which background he belongs to. Soo much details in the profile that helps you in filtering your decision about who you want to be friends with and who you don’t want to be friends with. The boom in the social networking sites starts from Orkut which was then overtaken by Facebook through its new user friendly features and uniqueness.

Seeing the rise many other social networks came into existence which caters to the specific needs of the customer like Instagram where people can share pictures with photo titles and share their live moments. Pinterest where you can pin you interest by sharing photos and videos you like, LinkedIn is used for more professional use where people build their professional profiles and many other networks that provides the same thing in a different way.

So what are we doing?

If you haven’t seen it by now, we are helping social networks in creating a database that contains our life history and our interest. A list that is so complex that even we as a person might not be able to elaborate it about ourselves. A network that knows about our search history, our interests and about what we like at what time and makes us stay on their network for a longer period of time.

We have started living multiple lives where the social networking life has taken over our real life. Have you ever thought why is so difficult for us to not post anything about what we eat when we visit a restaurant? Sharing food pictures, telling about your mood, what are you doing and how are you feeling. We have over the period of time developed a relation with the social networking sites where we spend an enormous amount of time telling our friend about what we have done today.

How this can help the marketers?

Knowing the fact, these social networking sites contain a huge database of people profile, their interests and activities. This has helped the marketers to understand their market in a more effective way. Now they can make strategies accordingly and get the results in a more efficient and effective way. Digital Media is a cheap and effective way of advertisement as compared to other traditional method where brands can create their own profile with whom you can connect and stay updated without any cost. These social networks have given the marketers a feature of E-Push for marketing their brand. Now with an E-Push they got a better chance of survival through e-word of mouth about their campaign. The time is not far when people starts to think that if it’s not in your social profile, you haven’t done that.