Importance of Backend Developer


Websites or web applications require two types of developers i.e. Front End Developer and Back-end Developer. We at Opus Communication believe that both developers play an important role in the development of a website.

Difference between Back-end and Front end

Suppose a website is a car. There are a lot of things inside a car that help it accelerate, make it speed up, slow down. You can’t see these things but they are very important. That is back-end.

There are things that you directly use in the car to make it go like your gas and brake pedals, the steering wheel etc. All the things you can directly touch, see or hear is the front end.

Why Back-end Developer?

Back-end development adds utility to the front end development. The back-end is a combination of a database and an application written in a server-side language, all run on a web server. This server-side application directly interacts with the database via an application programming interface (API), which pulls, saves, or changes data. The data is returned and converted into front-end code a user interacts with like filling a form, creating a profile, shopping online, etc. In general, anything you see on a site is made possible by back-end code that user cannot see but is powered by a server. Back-end developers create and maintain the entire back-end. The back-end developer takes front end code and gives it working functionality. Back-end developers use an array of programming languages and frameworks when building server-side software. Some of the languages which they use are Ruby, Java, C++,  C, C#, Python, PHP etc.