Print is Dying

Print is Dying

Opus Communication has been providing its clients with great digital solutions. As we know the print media is dying and everything is going digital. There a need to create awareness about the need of digital technology and platforms for your business.

Print media is dying, suffering circulation and revenue drops and staff firings, and while the digital audience is surging, readers apparently don’t spend much time surfing printed mediums.

In Pakistan all leading newspapers have their online blogs. All the magazines are published online too. Because the people are interacting more through social media and other digital means. Most outlets have turned to digital as the savior and digital customers far outpace those who subscribe to print products.

According to the International survey,  for these largest newspapers, their digital audience numbers far outpace circulation. The New York Times reported an average weekday print circulation of less than 650,000 in September 2014. But their website and associated apps attracted nearly 54 million unique visitors in January 2015, and the majority of their paid circulation comes from digital sources (about 1.4 million). Yet far more people report reading a newspaper in print than on a digital device. Why this discrepancy? One clue lies in the time spent. The average visit to The New York Times’ website and associated apps in January 2015 lasted only 4.6 minutes – and this was the highest of the top 25. Thus, most online newspaper visitors are “flybys,” arriving perhaps through a link on a social networking site or sent in an email, and so may not think of this experience as “reading a newspaper” but simply browsing an article online.

So the digital mediums have become a necessity for every business. It’s a crucial tool to be heard among your target audience.