The Tremendous Role Played By the Digital World for PR

Digital world for PR

The PR experts at Opus Communication feel, the idea of carrying out Public relation campaigns has witnessed a major revamp after the digital world took over the world of traditional marketing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we found that digital is the key growth area for PR agencies. According to international statistics, 32 per cent of agencies said they are now seeing up to 20 per cent of their revenues coming digital/social. The research also revealed that 62 per cent of organizations have seen digital budgets rise over the past 12 months, and the same percentage expects them to rise again in the coming 12 months

When it comes to skills and training, there was a mixed picture. While skillets relating to digital had grown in-house and within agencies, the main source (69 per cent) of social media education for agency staffers remains expert blogs. More worryingly, 70 per cent said that the proportion of digital training they receive is small to moderate. At a time when up skilling employees must be at the top of any agency’s priority list, it seems too little is being done to really ensure that digital education is adequate.

In the coming weeks, we will share quite a few ideas of promoting PR on digital platform! Stay tuned!


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