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Is 2015, the year of digital revolution?

The year 2015 is a very important year for the digital side to grow. Opus Communication would like to give its reader some insights about the digital shift that will change the course of the world. As marketers ride the digital wave to higher salaries, greater roles and bigger budgets, will it all come crashing

10 Examples of Modal Window Pop Ups in Web Design

Opus Communication is providing the most successful business websites following the cutting-edge trends in web-design. This article highlights of Modal Window Pop Ups in Web Design. Creating emotional connection between your brand and website visitors is critically important. Modal pop up windows may help you in this challenging task as well as to share the

Nestle’s latest brand activation

Opus Communication always updates you on the latest happenings in the field of social media, Public relations, web development and so on so forth. This time however, we thought of informing you about world’s famous food brands latest Nestle’s brand activation. Coffee brand Nescafe took to the streets to see how many pedestrians they could make

5 Major Trends for Advertising 2015

Opus has been serving as an advertising agency for around a decade. It is very crucial for a design and advertising agency to keep a track of the global trends in the pertinent fields. So here we have designed a piece of information on major trends in advertising for the ongoing year. Generally, the eye-catching

25 Revolutionary Years of Internet; Changing the Lives

In mid 2014, internet celebrated its 25th Birthday. We at Opus Communication believe that it is an innovation which has changed the world until the end of time. Today, there are more than 600million sites around the world, 500 million tweets are sent consistently and an expected 2.4 billion individuals go online today. Individuals are