B2B Marketing: To be or not to be in Social Media?


Opus Communication believes in Digital Marketing as the fastest tool for marketing. Talking about Pakistan, there is a recent increase of around 40% in the online usage of Social media over the past 4 years in Pakistan. This has created a new market and medium for B2B and B2C companies. Response from B2C related companies was seen at a massive scale to increase the awareness and engagement about the brand but the B2B market is still unsure about whether it is the right medium or channel for the advertisement.

We at Opus Communication thought to give the B2B companies a synopsis about why digital marketing is important for B2B Companies. The relevancy of social media for B2B companies was always a questionable subject. B2B marketers are concerned about its relevance, reach, ROI potential and struggle for a need of a medium for online social engagement.

Although B2B companies are coming up with new ideas for participating in Social Media, by creating social profiles, hosting blogs and creating special interest groups. The significant part of B2b organizations is not giving enough consideration to their clients’ online networking exercises and utilizing them further bolstering their good fortune. To finish it off, a ton of B2b advertisers aren’t giving the relevant content to their B2b clients in the social media either.

When you have a well-planned content arrange set up, it makes social media far simpler to get ready for. Many marketers don’t recognize that the Content is the fuel expected to power compelling social networking crusades that serve to educate, instruct, enliven, convince, captivate and continue in building a strong relation with the clients. For that you need a proper Digital Agency like Opus Communication that can assist you in making your brand reach its pinnacle.

Social media role goes beyond broadcasting your own news and opinions and B2B marketers need to be cautious about how, where and when they launch social media. Without a decent marketing budget plan or mass market audience, the risk on rate of profitability are increased and need time to get the fancied results.

B2B customers are savvy enough to want detailed information about who they are considering doing business with, and using Social Media and online channels to find them. B2B companies want solutions, which they get by looking at blog content, social media page, video’s on YouTube and more to find it. Social Media has provided B2B companies with a variety of digital channels to promote brand, educate and even create a market for their products. Blogs in particular have become a great way of influencing the B2B companies as a thought-leader. Equally, webinars and videos help demonstrate products to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Social Media also allows the sales team to infiltrate, engage and follow their leads at both a professional and personal level. Sales professionals will do everything to find out about what their potential decision makers likes and to engage with them at a more personal level. Social media provides them with all that information effortlessly. Following a potential client’s activities online though their website, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Another area which has huge potential- that B2B marketers oversee – is social word of mouth i.e. commenting, reviews etc. Nothing can create hype about how great you are other than having a list of satisfied clients as members of your group who can advocate your work/products to other prospective customer through online medium.

B2B purchases are always well researched and go through a lengthy decision making process. Social Media as a business tool can help companies influence that research by offering thought-leadership or know-how to their potential customers in the areas they want. It can help companies to educate and engage their potential leads at different levels and communicate in a language they are using.

If you can imagine the full potential of how prospective customer can be engaged on Social Media, then, the contention that Social Media is more relevant for B2B companies wins without any doubt.