Twitter Rolls Out With Two New Features


Opus Communication believes in change, as without change you can never have creativity or innovation. So change is vital when it comes to challenging the obvious and deriving something extraordinary from the ordinary.

Twitter enrolls with two new features that encourage the public figures and other users to interact with one another on the platform. These two new features were made public on 13th August 2014, which is evidently going to increase the prominence of the users in each other’s news feeds—meritoriously reassuring high-end users to exchange more praises, invectives or expressions of the undying love.

“We hope these two features will help verified users easily connect with each other so we can continue to deliver those only-on-Twitter conversations to users,” Product Manager JinenKamdar wrote in the announcement.

The new features mean that if Justin Timberlake were to start following Ellen DeGeneres, say, Ellen will be alerted that another verified user followed her, generating the chance for Ellen or her social media team to begin a possiblyexciting conversation instantaneously.Celebrity Twitter connections tend to harvest news reporting, not to mention thousands of re-tweets.


Social Media continues to surprise us all; by bringing us something new every time we think that this is it for this particular Social Media Network. Twitter is rolling good and deep with new features and exciting its users with these features. Let’s wait and see what new comes next and by whom?