The Best of Ramadan Digital Campaigns

The Best of Ramadan Digital Campaigns large

Ramadan is in the air! So we thought of sharing the best digital activities that brands carried out last year!

Let’s talk about the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East i.e Egypt!

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Coca Cola Egypt lanced a very special activation on their Twitter profile. They created a set of of 8,200 personalized twitter greeting cards to send everyone who was the follower of @CocaColaEgypt

This idea matched Coca Cola’s concept for their Ramadan campaign which was “The Small Things That Matter” Coke’s idea was unique. They received enormous feedback. Let’s look at the statistic now.

Having started with 8,200 followers, as soon as they finished distributing the cards in the first 10 days , Ramadan Coca Cola were left with 9,500 follower with an increasing average of 70-100 follower per day. Their Klout score jumped from 38-50 in the first 7 days which was a huge number.

People loved the greeting cards and their reaction was even better than what Coke’s team had imagined. People started feeling jealous and all the followers were asking for their cards. Followers started to put their cards on their profile and on their desktop and phone wallpapers. Followers started to pay back by taking pictures of Coca Cola and directly tweeting to @CocaColaEgypt. People even started to say that they will start drinking Coke just because of those greeting cards.


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