#ShareaCoke Campaign Hits Pakistan’s Social Media Big Time

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With the world congregating to the digital legroom, the way we bond has started to modify, and, it would seem, the more peers we meet online the fewer we see in real life.
Coke needed a drastic change in its communication strategy in order to fit in to this dynamic environment and come up with a campaign that would not only hit the online but the offline platforms hard as well.

Similarly summers are a golden period of driving sales as the company comes up with new products, extensions and new categories sometimes as well.
Summer 2014 has proven to be a “BIG HIT” for the company as the campaign has gone viral like anything, has a massive appeal hitting the 24-year-old bull’s eye target. Making the campaign a big splash and disrupting and exciting the Pakistani’s all at the same time.

ShareaCoke Campaign Pakistan

The ultimate aim of the campaign was to drive sales for the company; however secondary motive was to increase its talk ability amongst the consumers. The campaign was intended to want the consumers to see coke in a way that would persuade them to consume the product, and not just simply love the brand.

Coca Cola’s interior motive was to re-unite the people and relationships of Pakistani’s with the notion of getting together and sharing the moments having a good time.
They wanted to jumpstart real conversations and remind people of those in their lives they may have lost touch with, or have yet to meet.

In Pakistan we have a certain norm of calling everyone by the relations we have with one another, so Coca Cola introduced its 20 new variants or customized bottles having different relations name printed over it. The company aimed at encouraging this at a more personalized and customized level so as to bring the people closer and together and what better way to ember conversation by calling out the name of the relation you have with the people you love. So Coca Cola kicked off this strategy inducing the consumers to connect and ‘Share a Coke’.

Coca-Cola printed 20 of the country’s most popular relations on labels of Coke bottles for the first time in the brand’s history, to remind Pakistani’s not only of those people currently in their lives, but also people they may have lost touch with, giving them a reason to connect.

coke open happiness
The multi-platform interactions approach acted as an incitement to ‘Share a Coke’ with someone you know, or want to know and gave people the gears to locate, unite and share.
Mottled content was created to suit a wide target audience allowing people to connect with the campaign in dissimilar ways, to changeable degrees and via different contact points, making the crusade pertinent to people who wanted to get highly involved or for those who just wanted to take part in the fun.

Coca Cola continually paid attention to what consumers were doing with the campaign in order to be able to shock, uphold momentum and glimmer further conversations throughout the campaign period.