A War between Google Vs Apple – whose side are you on?


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Last week, Apple had declared that soon it is going to launch a smart Home kit that will allow the IPhone users to control their house and its relative activities via their phone for e.g. Thermostat, lock and lights etc.

By building this HomeKit, Apple wants to be known as the hub for creating its smart phones into smart products that talks to one another in the home.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet but Google plans on doing something similar to this and might be ahead of Apple as it in recent times it attained a fire alarm and thermostat company accounting to net worth of $3.2 billion. And not only this it has been reported that it recently acquired a new venture Dropcam which makes Wi-Fi connected cameras that record the footage which can be shared in the cloud.

Looking at the current scenario it can be safely said that Google has clearly stepped into this smart home industry and plans on taking it to the next level. With two top notch tech savvy companies competing against one another, the question then ties up to the level of compatibility, expediency and the overall home mechanization.

Smart home, walled garden!!!

Apple caters to specific niche and prefers to apps and devices to itself, stopping it from becoming available to everyone and anyone. Same is the ideology that it desires to take along when it comes to smart-home experience inside a walled garden.

While Apple wants to include the third party tiers for the development of its smart-home kit, it’s the consumers who are ultimately going to decide whether they want to be a part of the Apple-Centric Smart Home. But what if a family who has kids owning Samsung Galaxy phone, but Parents with IPhone, wouldn’t it create a split smart-home experience, and would Google and Apple be able to play nicely together?


While Apple wants third-party providers and manufacturers to join Home Kit, consumers will have to make a choice if they want to be an Apple-centric home. If a family has kids with Samsung Galaxy phones but parents with iPhone will that create a split smart-home experience? Will Google and Apple be able to play agreeably together?

Regardless, it’s clear that Apple is getting serious about smart home and is planning a major shakeup that could truly affect our everyday lives. That is, unless Google gets there first. Well all we can do is waiting and see who wins this tech savvy war, will it be Google or will it be Apple? The wait is inevitable but whoever it would be, we will surely benefit from it.