Instagram the visual booster of 2014


Instagram has been growing immensely from the past one year, where in 2013 Instagram was growing slowly in 2014 there has been a boost in its usage and acceptance as Brands and Companies have realized the true potential of the platform and have integrated it into their digital strategy.

We at Opus Communications strongly believe exploring new opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities in terms of innovation, as we like to challenge our traditional ways of communication and come up with something that’s not already there.

Visual content is now becoming one of the biggest communication tools that’s now being used aggressively by almost all of the Brands and companies. A famous saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Is a statement that is followed by many marketers as consumers now only believe in what they see and since the marketers have identified the true essence of visual representation of the content.

According to the Social Habit survey of ALL Social Media users surveyed, 48% affirmed they are using Instagram more habitually. This propels the other major platforms out of the water. Of those who have an Instagram profile, 83% use it at work-again outshining even Facebook by a long shot. One rationale could be that sharing on Instagram requires no typing. You just snap a photo and post in seconds. Today, 67% of Instagram users are under the age of 34. The Projection is that there could be a huge good thing across demographics because everybody loves sharing photos. And it’s so easy to use, even the non tech-savvy can master it in minutes. Since Instagram is a mobile-only application, its adoption will increase as the trend toward smart phones continues in 2014.

Instagram is primarily becoming an important social media marketing tool as it fully accentuates the significance of visual advertising in structuring brand knowledge, enlightening brand allegiance, and mounting sales. To influence the power of visual content, marketers can augment their brand’s existence on Instagram by setting up a schedule for regular content sharing. Social media marketing results show that effectual use of visual content such as photograph, imagery, and short videos presents a massive occasion for brand marketers to connect present and probable customers and improve the bottom line.

Social media marketers who realize the best practices and how to use Instagram techniques to compel better commitment often incorporate marketing on Instagram into their overall digital marketing strategy