What is your Digital Strategy: Twitter or Facebook?


We at Opus Communication keep an in-depth look into the Digital world, what new trends are coming up, which social media network is gaining user share etc.

In Pakistan’s Social Media industry, Twitter is the new comer, the young and innovative platform, but is Facebook ready to retire yet? Facebook is almost ten years old now, and although it makes regular changes, is it really that exciting to use? If we look at it closely it basically has the same old features since we signed up years ago. We cannot deny the fact that most of us understand how to use it now and it’s great platform to keep up to date with all our friends and family, but really is it anything more? Is it really as innovative as we once thought it was?


Within the past few months, I find myself turning to twitter to share my thoughts or spread the word of recent news. Because its serves the purpose of expressing our thoughts in 140 characters at a time and because twitter is cleaner, simple and yet so much more fun!

For us at Opus, Every time we log on to twitter something has changed, new hash tags are trending, new topics are found. This leads us to look into why they are trending and in turn gives our content team an insight of what is about to go viral.

In the west, Twitter was once considered Facebook’s little brother, twitter has recently caught up in terms of users, but is it ready to take over?

Deploying your brand on Social Media is essential. Whether your business is B2B or you manage small local brand, social media is important! Social media in Pakistan went big in 2013 but is set to be even bigger in 2014, especially for businesses. Many brands have put a lot of effort into their company’s social media campaigns by making experimenting it in house, which is why they some of their efforts are wasted.

Most of the companies will have both Facebook and Twitter company accounts, and both take a lot of time to set up and maintain. We’d recommend you to give your Social Media out to the Professionals, who will do all the efforts and manage them effectively and efficiently and provide you best value for money.

The beauty of Twitter is to reach targeted users to gain maximum interest in your brand, and let’s not forget the power of hash tags!

Twitter is set to become even bigger in 2014, and we predict that it still has some time to takeover Facebook, but will be an influential tool for B2B and B2C companies.

Salman Naeem


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