Pakistan Welcomes 3G and 4G Technology

3G, 4G Network in Pakistan-large

We at Opus Communications support every Industry that makes a mark of its Presence in this world in terms of success and Breakthrough working methodology. We welcome all the Telco Companies who not only struggled but managed to acquire distinguished positions in the Industry against one another by acquire the license to a Breakthrough technology recently been introduced in Pakistan i.e. 3G.

Cellular users in Pakistan have witnessed a drastic and extreme increase in popularity and usage. People from all walks of life, social and economic strata and age group have become obsessed with cell phones. We all been bit by mobile bug and it would not be wrong if I say that we are totally dependent on them. Families and friends are lost in the virtual world. And now what is going to aggravate this situation a tad bit is the advent of 3g and 4g network that has just been launched in Pakistan.

After the installation of GSM and CDMA networks, companies will now be able to offer customers the wonders of 3G (Third Generation) and 4G (fourth Generation) networks in Pakistan. From consumers perspective they think that 3G is something to have fast speed and good video quality and improve communication means. Services like wide area wireless voice telephone, mobile Internet access, video calls and TV and broadband wireless data. Now, people are so much interested in buying 3G-powered devices and tools.

Already people want to buy this technology because everyone wants to enjoy the breath taking benefits of that technology. It has opened a new way of life for all hand set users.

3G internets have enormous advantages. Such as Customization mobile broadband devices and services, Fast connectivity of internet, Broadband facility everywhere, enjoying music entertainment, increased in GDP/ Employment, Improved asset and resource management and so on so forth.

So let the game of High speed internet begin! Now we Pakistanis will stand with the rest of the world and achieve all the benefits of this ground-breaking Technology.

Salman Naeem


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