What type of a Facebooker Are You?

What type of a Facebooker Are YouBeing social media consultants the team at Opus Communication keeps a keen eye on changing and existing trends on various Social Media platforms.  While the trends and interfaces change every now and then, one aspect always remains consistent i.e. traits of Facebookers.

Heard about Life of a pie? Well now hear about Life of an average person aka life of a Facebooker! They get up in the morning and before moving out of bed to get ready for their respective commitments they check their Facebook accounts. The best tool for checking Facebook is tablets and cell phones. So after getting brief updates about how late were their friends facebooking, these Facebookers leave for their respective academics or professional endeavors.  By the way , this one was specially for the students.  I don’t know much about the students but people who go to offices and businesses check their Facebook before checking official emails. The morning dose of Facebook is very important for efficient outcome at work these days. Yes! That was a satire.

While some people are highly active the others are silent Facebookers. There are three kind of facebookers. First are the most annoying ones, they would share any and everything and all the time post something or the other. I have seen people posting images while they are cooking, while they are at the mall and what not ! These are those people who would also comment on every activity on facebook. And then there are the normal ones who post something interesting and informative once in a while and maybe an image with their family and friends once in a while. And then comes the most annoying type- the silent facebookers . They would never comment on anything and never post anything. Basically refraining from everything that would give others the picture that they use Facebook. In reality these are the most active Facebookers. They observe and gossip about everything!

What type are you ?