Advantages of Being Active on Linkedin


When a business owner and brand managers come to Opus looking for advice regarding social media, it’s usually about Facebook. Everyone wants to be on Facebook, why is our question.  Read this article below to know what Pakistan’s leading Digital Agency’s business strategists and digital marketers have to say about LinkedIn.

1. B2B and B2C Networking

Finding suitable vendors and other 3rd party resources is easy. Likeminded people and companies can connect with one another. It is time efficient since you just need to sit on your computer and send a couple of in-mails to achieve your goal. Rather than talking to vendors on the phone, now you can look at their complete profile which gives a better idea about them.

Linked-in assists you in brand building, where the brand is you yourself. You should be active on Linked-in and post content which is in line to your field and work.  This will help other to like you and trust you more.

2. Recognition via word of mouth

Your network can lead to common connections with a potential customer, employee or employer. This puts you in the positive light and increases your trustworthiness.

3. Finding a potential Employee

You can use your company’s page on Linked-in to posts current job vacancies, along with up to date news regarding your company. These way potential employees with valuable expertise can contact you themselves rather than you carry out a hectic search for them.

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