Recent Facebook Marketing Trends that you Should Know


Opus communication aims at establishing strong links between social media marketers with their target audience. That is the reason we keep on updating our readers with latest innovations and trends in this field according to social media experts at opus communication the nature of social media marketing is ever-changing, so it’s important to constantly stay up-to-date with what the current marketing trends are. Facebook in particular, probably thanks to its tremendous membership base, constantly is undergoing changes that require tweaks to your marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the latest Facebook marketing trends that your business should be aware of:

More pictures

It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. As the field of digital media is dynamic and changes every now and then, including the recent success of Pinterest, more businesses bring into play photos to market themselves than ever before. Studies actually show that Facebook followers are more likely to get interactive in updates that include photos than ones that don’t.

Cover photo used as a marketing tool

Earlier this year when Facebook re-introduced its Timeline, one of the biggest hindrances that were faced was the “Cover Photo” option at the top corner of the page. Many trades are creating visual representations to place in this spot, and using them to market themselves. Cover photos could publicize new products, special promotions, or simply contain a decipherable brand-specific image.

Keeping tabs with the “now”

By “now” we don’t mean as in this year, but “now” as in right this very second. What is going on around the globe at this very moment? How can we capitalize on this information to create engagement and interactivity for our Facebook Page? These are the queries that need to be addressed on daily basis.

Different types of Facebook posts

There are variety of different kinds of status updates that companies are using to gain engagement. Fill in the Blank posts are ideal for acquiring comments, but aren’t as effective for incurring Likes or Shares. “LIKE this” posts are great for getting likes and gaining attention. The best kinds of posts for gaining Shares are ones that include references to something in contemporary pop culture.


Customized and original content increases the attention from your followers. Some companies have defined teams of people that create unique viral videos. More specifically, a number of companies have recently developed inventive ways to express gratitude to their customers for their allegiance.