Sweden, a recycling-happy land

Sweden, a recycling-happy land-1

Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, famous for its glass and world’s preferred Solar-powered purveyor, is in a bit of a pickle now days. The creaky clean nation of more than 9.5 million has run out of garbage. Landfills are tapped dry now and garbage reserves depleted. This seems like incredibly positive but predicament for a country to be facing, Sweden has been forced to import rubbish from its neighbors (Norway). Yep, Sweden is so trash scarce now that officials are shipping around 80,000 tons annually from elsewhere.

Population’s remarkable Recycling habits have put the officials of the country in trouble that relies on waste to heat and to provide electricity to millions of homes through a waste- to- energy incineration program. So with the residents not generating enough waste to power the incinerators, the country has been forced to look around for fuel.

It’s kind of a great deal for the Swedes: Norway pays Sweden to take its excess waste, Sweden burns it to generate heat and electricity, and the remained ashes from the incineration process, filled with highly polluting dioxins, are returned back to Norway and land filled.

Presently it is estimated that, 54,888 tons of solid waste is generated in Pakistan per day. We can convert this waste to generate fuel and electricity with the minimum resource. Waste busters have taken the initiative in this regard. Now, every citizen has to play its role by cooperating with it

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