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Youngest Mobile App Developer in World, Haris Khan

Haris Khan – a young and intelligent Pakistani kid has become of the youngest app developer in the world. Haris named this app “Super Soccer Kicks”. The game is available on Apple’s App Store and works on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Haris who lives in Ireland has started earning a lot media attention in

All Facebook Image Dimensions: Timeline, Posts, Ads [Infographic]

At Opus Communication we believe in Sharing Information which most people in the Digital Marketing industry in Pakistan don’t do. This article we help you understand the Graphic Dimensions of Facebook. Please feel free to contact us or share this article if you believe it is worth sharing cheers 🙂 What is the size of the Timeline Cover

Is $19 billion Too Much for WhatsApp?

With a $19 billion investment, Facebook could have purchased a Technology Manufacturer, Fashion Brand or maybe four aircraft carriers.  Instead, Facebook bought WhatsApp, a bit sized startup that so far has only accumulated $60 million in funding mostly via Venture Capitalist “Sequoia Capital”.  Mark Zuckerberg seems crazy, is what you might say. But think about what exactly

Banks Facing Competitive Threats From New Entrants

Apple took only five years to become America’s largest music retailer, and seven to become the world’s largest. In eighteen short months, Google erased 85% of the Market capitalization of the top GPS companies by launching its mobile app Google Maps. Alibaba, Chinese look alike of Amazon, became a $16 billion lender in less than three years,

Sweden, a recycling-happy land

Sweden, a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, famous for its glass and world’s preferred Solar-powered purveyor, is in a bit of a pickle now days. The creaky clean nation of more than 9.5 million has run out of garbage. Landfills are tapped dry now and garbage reserves depleted. This seems like incredibly positive but predicament