Think again…Social Media, a Time Suck?

Think again Social Media is a Time Suck

While social media can be a time-suck, it’s not all bad news. Rather, according to Mian Adnan Wajid (Opus Communication Pakistan), social media expert : Excite Customers, Generate Buzz and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media and all those hours plugged into your phone, Tab and computer may have some benefits after all!

Social media can boost self-esteem! A recent University study found that college students who logged into Facebook more often scored higher on measures of self-esteem than their peers who didn’t. Social media allows you to find others dealing with similar issues and improve feelings of isolation. Plus, research indicates that people who feel as though they are not alone with their problems have more confidence.

Social media creates unlikely connections. It’s a no-brainer that social media connects you to others but the power in social media is the connections it creates outside of your in-person social circle. By connecting you with friends of friends and even strangers, social media can lead to unlikely friendships, organizations, mentors and even career advancements.

Social media can save time and money as well.  For all of you, who think of social media as a waste of time, think again…! Need a quick restaurant recommendation or a gift idea? Ask your “friends” or “followers” and get feedback immediately!  Thinking about buying a new red dress or lipstick? Post a picture on facebook and see what your followers think immediately before wasting money on a color that doesn’t quite work for you.

Social media can make you more creative and organized.  Get pinning or just peaking on Pinterest for visual inspiration for everything from kitchen remodeling and cake decorating to marriage dressing and room decorating.

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