Social Media & Out of Home Advertising in Pakistan


Out-of-home advertising a.k.a outdoor advertising is made up with more than 100 different advertising formats that reach the consumer out of home. Billboards, Posters, Sticker Graphics, building vinyl are all examples of such formats.

With technology moving forward and improved large format digital displays availability, advertisers are shifting from traditional print and paper methods and are focusing on digital advertisements with moving images, sounds and interactive features.

In reference to an article in The Economist, use of digital billboards and posters will double over the next five years, where as in Pakistan LEDs LCDs panels have already taken advertisers eye on them. The rise of digital in out-of-home advertising, brand managers and business owners are starting to think about the opportunities social media provides as part of their out-of-home advertising digital strategy.

The business owners and brand managers in Pakistan are still not convinced with the heavy spending on digital out of home advertising but with the rise in the social media users and Smartphones. Pakistan’s largest out of home Agency Kinetic’s CEO says they are ready for this change already.

Salman Naeem


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