Digital marketing predictions for 2014


What does 2014 have in store? The digital team at Opus Communication (Digital Media Agency in Pakistan); give their views on the challenges and the opportunities that 2014 may bring in Pakistan.

Content for people, not for the sake of it

There are many brands creating lots of content at the moment. Unfortunately, whilst some of that is amazing, mind-blowing, shareable content, a disappointing amount of it is just content that exists for no other reason other than to try and get links. Brands really need to stop doing that in 2014. Brands will need to focus even more of their efforts on creating content for the consumer, rather than filling quotas for the number of articles or info graphics that they have to get out every month.

Responsive design to Responsive content

We’ve seen responsive web design and social web sites in 2013; we’ll see a natural progression to responsive content in 2014. I expect to see a greater use of device sensors and server side scripts to deliver entirely different content sets depending on a user’s individual session.

Geo-location and Wi-Fi networks provide a very real opportunity for brands to really enhance their customer offering. For High Street brands, this could allow them to deliver store-specific content that really enhances the customer experience. Similarly, transport operators could use this technology to deliver content in a quick and succinct way to passengers on the move.

With smart TVs now working their way into more and more homes, expect to see a considerable growth in content for internet enabled TVs in Pakistan.

Following users offline and across devices

Google is now measuring the attribution of PPC activity on other channels by users who are signed into their Google accounts across multiple devices. This combines your last click sales in AdWords with a number attributed to PPC activity decided upon by Google.

This will help advertisers and agencies realize the true value that each device is having on their campaign and ensure that the customer journey is heavily optimized and relevant.”

The growth of brands

We’ve seen brands show their human side in 2013. Consumers and even agencies, sometimes forget that brands are human too. However, it is important to show the human side of brands wherever we can. People don’t respond to a faceless, corporate machine. They respond to a human voice that is fallible, prone to minor mistakes, and forgivable.

An explosion of search retargeting providers

I expect more providers to offer these retargeting services in 2014 and we will see more advertisers utilizing this technology in order to grow brand and product interest in order to help attribute their traditional search offerings specifically in Pakistan.

SEO Role

The SEO community has been talking about interaction metrics such as bounce rates and time on site for some time but now we’re starting to see signs that Google is taking these measures seriously. We can now see a clear correlation between the average time spent on site and the ultimate ranking position of that site. That means that the days of SEO sitting separate from the rest of the business are now over. Now, SEO will have to consider other factors such as proposition, user experience and technical efficiencies which may in the past have been deemed the domain of entirely separate business units.

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