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According to Salman Naeem identifying problems related to the business remain a problem of a person’s own will, these should be every CEOs’ and business owners Resolution 2014.CEOs and business owners, if not honest with themselves, they cannot identify challenges being faced during a change management or business process redesign process. Being honest and open is the key to success.

To start with lets keep operational issues aside, and meanwhile see how stagnant creativity and innovation has been in your business. There might be higher chances that these issues have not been identified because daily operational issues have not been standardized and all CEOs and Business owners focus on those first. By this I do not mean they should not be focused, but instead all three things should be given equal priority.
Within the significantly aggressive markets, all of us regularly view companies attempting to pull through in hectic schedules causing inefficiency. These businesses set low quality standards, simply because managers think its how organizations operate. At opus we have recognized three things that generally CEOs and business owners need to get hold of for survival.

  • On-the-job training of staff
  • Innovation
  • Strategy for improved profit

So question yourself now have you put in efforts regarding the three things identified by us.

On-the-job training of staff

What course of action have you adopted for regular on-the-job training of staff? Are you brushing such training away because it is cost, rather than a revenue generator?

CEOs and business owners argue that great customer relationship is essential to a strong business. We also agree that Customer service is the key to business growth. But what have you done for it is our question?

Deprived service comes first by poor employee morale and weak organization culture. It commences by how employees are treated, spoken to, encouraged, trained, listened to or ignored. The cost is substantial when it comes to inadequately trained employees. Don’t follow the myth that Employees know how things should be done in your business and that they are well-trained. Devote a portion of your operational budgets in quality training and you will harvest rewards. Investment in employees will lift morale, customer service and thus revenue.


Do you have a tactical strategic plan for specific and continuous innovation?

Creativity is something that should be actually encouraged by interval of time which will promise a change of environment. We believe CEOs and business owners should be sending employees out for some leisure time with consent to return to the office with a solution to a problem the business is facing! It does seem risky, but most innovation and new inventions are risky.

Strategy for improved profit

What procedures are present in your business which consistently creates strategies for improved profit and growth?
Through specific tactical plans, you can create confidence and precision in your business, for yourself and for your employees.

As far we have surveyed CEOs and business owners about their planning process they have come up with execution of plans, the question is habitually ignored. They come up with statements ‘We are alright, we are not interested’ time and time again. Yet the introduction of a straightforward, strategic planning process is beneficial and creates liveliness in the business and adds the benefit of employees seeing the owners as serious and secure businessmen.
The key problem with this change is that CEOs and business owners want things to remain routine and predictable. However, efficient leaders know the power of including all team members in major decisions and giving opportunity to be part of the solution. Creating strategies led by a mangers with specific target dates budgets and outcomes is one way of training and enabling all employees to see across the company and understand how the business is operating and facing these critical issues.

Constant revenue and profit growth is possible for any business taking up responsibility to induct specific strategic planning process which includes employee training, planned innovation and a strategy for improved profit.
If you are looking forward to know more about how an industry relevant strategy can help your business experience growth beyond your possible thought, we’d love to connect with you.

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