How instagram is going to be the dominant Social Media in 2014

How instagram is going to be the dominant Social Media in 2014

Instagram has gone from a selfie platform to a storytelling platform quickly. It’s quickly demanding the social media trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn throughout photo sharing in a mobile world. Instagram gives brands an chance to tell their story through visuals. From the time we’re children, visuals have played a major role in our skill to recognize and attach with stories. Whether it was a portrait book our uncomplicated teacher read to us or the coloring book we got for Christmas; visuals have perpetually allowed us to better know a story and bond with it. In advertising, storytelling is an art that needs to be measured and practical like a science.

Storytelling is the glue to build stronger relationships with your viewers and being remarkable. It’s stories that are shared, remembered and passed on from one creation to the next. In a earth filled with sound, it’s significant that brands hug storytelling as one of the best ways to cut through the din and stand out. In 2014 Instagram will carry on contribution brands an chance to attain social media accomplishment while becoming a more established proposal for marketers. I’m positive that this will be the year where more brands start to influence Instagram and attain accomplishment. We’ve previously seen brands from tedious industries influence satisfied promotion tools like Instagram and that leaning will only persist. Here are a few cause why Instagram will rule in 2014:

Social Become Extra Visual

It’s not possible to envisage the future without consider the proceedings of the past. If you look at the last twelve months, there has been a momentous boost in the number of photos shared on social media. With channels like Snap chat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook putting more spotlight than ever on photos and visual resources, it’s clear that this is wherever the future of social lies. On Twitter, images are now showing up straight in your newsfeed instead of forcing community to click a link to view the photo. While Twitter & Facebook have fight overturn and forth this year over where Instagram fits into the combine, I think 2014 will be the year both sides come to an concord that Instagram can develop the user practice on Twitter. As such, Instagram photos will have more accomplish and be capable to

Sponsored Posts Become Conventional

Instagram has already rolled out their loom to ads with company like Levi’s and Ben & Jerry’s express positive cost. Parallel to most promotion platforms, they deliberate accomplishment by gauging the quantity of reaches they achieved through instagram along with qualitative metrics adjacent the skill for users to evoke the campaign. While these advertisements will persist to extend and drive accomplishment in 2014, supporting posts by influencers is where I see Instagram really increasing as a advertising tool. There are thousands of influence users on Instagram who pressure traditions and the business behaviors of their networks. Identifying these public and paying to have them post regarding your brand is impressive that will turn into very universal place in the future year. I’ve spoke with many brands and startups leveraging this tactic at a sensible rate with a huge revisit.

Instagram Hasn’t Sharp Yet

This is only the opening. We haven’t seen the true promotion authority of Instagram yet but 2014 will be the year. The scenery is complete and marketers are finally preliminary to appreciate how they can use a device like instagram to tell their story and attach with their spectators in a extra convincing way. I’m eager to see how Instagram persists to produce and how they react to the Snap chat assessment as they carry on to figure the photo sharing diligence. If you’re not yet on Instagram but are intrigue by the probable, check out the decisive Guide to Instagram and let me recognize what in the annotations what you reflect is then for instagram:

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